NZ Biochar Ltd Publications:

"Soil Conditioner Products Ltd: Using High Carbon Boiler Ash (HCBA) Biochar in Horticulture" A case study presented at ANZBC19 conference by Dennis Enright  (Double click this file:  SCP ANZBI19 paper.pdf).

SCP ANZBI19 paper.pdf SCP ANZBI19 paper.pdf
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Enright P. D., Millar R. 2014 "Understanding the value of biochar in vineyards" NZ Ministry for Primary Industries Sustainable Farming Project L12-136 Final Report June 2014

L12_136 Final Report July 2014.pdf L12_136 Final Report July 2014.pdf
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 NZ Biochar Ltd Publications:

  • Enright, P.D. 2011. Biochar for Horticultural Production in New Zealand Oral presentation: Asia Pacific Biochar Conference, Kyoto
  • Curran-Cournane, F., Sarmah, A., Martindale, M. Enright, P. D. 2013. Soil quality responses to biochar application under intensive market gardening      Biochar workshop 2013 Massey University Palmerston North
  • Presentation of key points from the report "Understanding the Value of Biochar in Vineyards" at ANZBI17