New Zealand Biochar Ltd

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  • New Zealand Biochar Ltd (est. 2008), is a New Zealand owned company located in Dunedin NZ. The company is focused on the urgent need to address the issues of sustaining productive soils and reducing the impact of climate change through ethical business practice.

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  • Our vision is that biochar is valued as a key tool for sustaining productive soils and reducing the impact of climate change.

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  • To build expertise and knowledge that enables consultancy and leadership in this field.
  • To provide consultancy to facilitate the uptake of this technology
  • To identify and establish markets for biochar.
  • To develop and sell biochar products

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 about biochar

Biochar is produced by heating biomass in a low oxygen environment and is a very porous material that can be used as an agent for soil improvement. To be recognized as biochar, the material must pass a number of material property definitions that relate both to its value (e.g., H/Corg ratios relate to the degree of charring and therefore mineralization in soil) and its safety (e.g., heavy metal content).

Kelpie Wilson has published a very good article in the Ithaka Biochar Journal about  "How Biochar Works in Soil"(double click to read)

See also: Wikipedia's definition >

 the approach

While there are many high tech ways of producing biochar, of equal importance are mid and low tech methods to make biochar production and use viable for everyone. NZ Biochar has both independent and collaborative research currently underway in New Zealand and in Thailand. A particular focus is on making and using biochar within the same location to maximise both the agricultural benefits and carbon sequestration, e.g. small scale farming systems on degraded soils in subtropical and tropical regions.
Working with farmers and practitioners to develop and promote best practice use of biochar is an important focus.

  who is nz biochar?

The Managing Director is Dennis Enright. He has a strong interest in soil and sustainable food production and, as a consequence, promotes organic and sustainable growing practices, and the role biochar can play in such systems.
He has over 40 years of experience in agriculture and horticulture that ranges from researcher to commercial producer. In addition he has sat on the committees of various local and national organic organisations in NZ.
NZ Biochar values networking with like minded people, from NZ and other countries, that are interested in improving soil and environmental quality.

Dennis is the founding Chair of the Biochar Network NZ, (BNNZ) an industry focused organisation.